The Woodcock Kids*

It’s fun to photograph anyone but friends are especially fun.  I’ve gotten to know this family over the last few years and they are so sweet, kind, and caring!  I first met the oldest daughter Lauren through working at a summer camp called STEP.  I’m so glad God caused our paths to cross!  When I was in the area a few weeks back we headed out to this beautiful park and got some really pretty shots…Enjoy!



While taking some shots of Megan above^^ I turned around to find Lauren. She has NO FEAR!


No fear again for Lauren.  It’s hard to tell from this picture but she’s leaning out from the side of the bridge where it’s probably 20 ft at least to the bottom.

IMG_3868IMG_3825IMG_3816  IMG_3745   IMG_3726IMG_3716IMG_3712IMG_3706IMG_3697IMG_3738IMG_3693IMG_3684IMG_3690IMG_3687      IMG_3664IMG_3659  IMG_3639

IMG_3672IMG_3634IMG_3623IMG_3625  IMG_3619IMG_3691IMG_3606IMG_3598

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