Sweet kids*

Here are a few kids that I get to hang out with now and then and babysit.  The fun part is I don’t just get to hang out them but I also get to capture the moment :)

I first met ‘J’ when I was her neighbor and started babysitting her when she was one.  Now she’s 11!  She was one of my first photography subjects too :)


C is such a sweet girl.

IMG_7687IMG_7675 IMG_7686

These three kiddos and I had a lemonade stand-a first for them.  We had so much fun!


This girl and her brother have the bluest eyes that are SO pretty!  They love getting their picture taken too


IMG_7574 IMG_7653 IMG_7636 IMG_7632   IMG_7618IMG_7629 IMG_7614 IMG_7608

She’s just a little excited about her new sister that is coming soon

IMG_7603 IMG_7628 IMG_7599  IMG_7589 IMG_7585 IMG_7582


Until Next time…


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