Summer Part One* – Monday July 29, 2013

A few shots from my summer…

I love this sweet family that I’ve gotten to know pretty well through babysitting but the sad thing is they’re moving away.  :(

B is all Boy in every way.  Even when he was 4 all he could talk about was his guns and hunting with his dad.  Where they’re moving they’ll have lots of space for that which I know he’ll love ! :) He’s a cowboy at heart

J is the opposite of B in every way.  She’s like a gentle sweet little southern belle.  Her Texas drawl is the most adorable thing EVER!

The girl with the curl in the middle of her head~


I’m going to miss my sweet friends!!

I imported this post from another blog and for some reason some of the little pictures are turning blurry but I don’t have the time to redo them so, sorry!

Happy Summer!


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