Senior pictures*

Taking these senior pictures of Victoria was a dream…I loved the locations she picked!  I felt like I was literally on a movie set with an awesome actor…which by the way she loves acting, is awesome at it, and has been in lots of plays.  I think I found someone who loves getting their picture taken as much as I love taking pictures which is very rare!   Because of that, we ended up with a ton of awesome photos and even though I tried to narrow them down to one post, I just couldn’t so here’s post 1 of 3 :)


 IMG_1028 IMG_1008  IMG_0999  IMG_0996 IMG_0983IMG_1003 IMG_0980 IMG_0971  IMG_0910 IMG_0908IMG_0957 IMG_0901 IMG_0900IMG_0845 IMG_0896 IMG_0889 IMG_0881 IMG_0880 IMG_0883IMG_0873 IMG_0868 IMG_0864 IMG_0846

IMG_0825  IMG_0838 IMG_0832 IMG_0828  IMG_0820


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