So you might have figured out by now, if you follow my blog very much, that I take a lot of pictures of kids and I LOVE doing it but this shoot was a little different from the norm of crazy kids and was nice, fun, and relaxed, and Ms. Sue was a perfect model!

 IMG_3877  IMG_3870  IMG_3862IMG_3878 IMG_3859  IMG_3851  IMG_3840  IMG_3831IMG_3864IMG_3827    IMG_3804IMG_3801

IMG_3806IMG_3844IMG_3798   IMG_3789IMG_3754IMG_3787IMG_3821  IMG_3785IMG_3781  IMG_3771IMG_3762



IMG_3775IMG_3755  IMG_3752  IMG_3749IMG_3742IMG_3741IMG_3730IMG_3729IMG_3728IMG_3727

IMG_3751IMG_3725  IMG_3716IMG_3715  IMG_3709IMG_3786

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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