More of spring time*

This past month has been especially for me and not just in the picture department but in everything else I do from teaching piano, to babysitting, and working with  Child Evangelism Fellowship doing afterschool bible clubs.  I’ve got lots of pictures to post.  Hoping to get my head above water soon :) Until then here’s a few of my favorites from this family’s shoot…

IMG_4510 IMG_4868 IMG_4839 IMG_4828 IMG_4795 IMG_4780 IMG_4772


Learning to be superman is just too much work :)

IMG_4765 IMG_4733 IMG_4728IMG_4220 IMG_4722 IMG_4699IMG_4444 IMG_4689 IMG_4683 IMG_4681IMG_4518 IMG_4677IMG_4616IMG_4562 IMG_4662 IMG_4657 IMG_4640  IMG_4405IMG_4601


They’ve also got one kiddo in the oven :)


   IMG_4551   IMG_4471     IMG_4396 IMG_4375 IMG_4358 IMG_4348 IMG_4336 IMG_4312 IMG_4407IMG_4305 IMG_4250 IMG_4239IMG_4402  IMG_4204 IMG_4199 IMG_4187 IMG_4186 IMG_4172 IMG_4161

I tried to just pick a couple :P

Until next time!


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