Joy gets married*

 A while back I got to fly to Arkansas and capture my friend Joy’s wedding.  It was a quick weekend but a fun one.  She and I met at a camp 4? years ago and have kept up on and off since then.

I just love taking pictures from the sky.  I’m sure my seatmate on the aircraft thinks I’m silly but anyway :)


I loved how simple but nice her wedding was. Christian’s parents (her husband) were selling their house and so they decided to have the wedding the house.  It was perfect and beautiful!


  IMG_4699 IMG_4698 IMG_4695 IMG_4690 IMG_4681 IMG_4734 IMG_4756


  IMG_5016  IMG_5003IMG_5028 IMG_4999 IMG_4995 IMG_4958  IMG_4920IMG_4957 IMG_4915  IMG_4896 IMG_4883

IMG_5042 IMG_4858 IMG_4811 IMG_4760




IMG_5105  IMG_5115  IMG_5117 IMG_5083


I stayed with Joy’s family and there was always someone happy to get their picture taken-right up my alley :)


The trees were starting to change and were simple beautiful!  I love fall and all the colorful leaves!  I wish I could bottle them up.




Before I knew it the weekend was gone and it was time to hop on a plane again and head back home.  The crazy thing is that coming home took me almost all day.  I had to go all the way up to Minnesota for my connecting flight into Dallas.  Talk about crazy!  The fun little thing is that on my layover though, I got to see a friend I hadn’t seen in years :)

Until next time!


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