It’s finally working!*

If you’ve been checking my site lately you’ll have noticed I’ve been having website trouble which is bad because I’m not a website fix-it person :p  Just updating a plugin turned into a disaster and made the whole site crash.  After calling and then emailing people it’s thankfully back up AND I can upload photos now in posts which means finally a new post!

These kiddos had so much fun when they came for pictures and they have so much fun with each other which definitely comes out in the fun photos :)  Enjoy!

IMG_8180IMG_8202 IMG_8186  IMG_8172  IMG_8159 IMG_8148 IMG_8143 IMG_8087 IMG_8137IMG_8042IMG_8142 IMG_8129    IMG_8086 IMG_8076 IMG_8168IMG_8338IMG_8225 IMG_8064


IMG_8107 IMG_8070IMG_8346 IMG_8041 IMG_8035IMG_8208   IMG_8227 IMG_8254 IMG_8262IMG_8219 IMG_8272  IMG_8283 IMG_8289 IMG_8301IMG_8352 IMG_8311  IMG_8339    IMG_8353 IMG_8369 IMG_8358


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