Color in the Bleak Mid-winter*

 So every fall I can’t seem to keep from taking pictures of the color even though I always get crazy busy.  We don’t even have that great of color in Texas compared to other places (or so I’ve seen from pictures) but what color we do have I just have to capture.  This year we had a very late hard freeze and it made the best color ever!  Even though it didn’t long, I loved it!  I know, I know, it’s past fall but I’m always so busy in the fall I finally get caught up in the slow part of the new year so here’s some pictures of color to brighten your winter blues.

 a perfect rainbow tree :)IMG_6102IMG_6067   IMG_6097 IMG_6096 IMG_6094 IMG_6093 IMG_6091 IMG_6090

IMG_6086IMG_6099 IMG_6089 IMG_6088  IMG_6085 IMG_6075 IMG_6080 IMG_6076IMG_6083  IMG_6074

IMG_6078  IMG_6072 IMG_6077IMG_6070 IMG_6068IMG_6065    IMG_6061

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