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Gabrielle Cole Photography bio picture

Welcome and thanks for visiting!  I am a photographer based in Central Texas, specializing in on location lifestyle and portrait photography.  My style is very candid, artistic, and relaxed.  I'm a freelance photographer, which means I take pictures of anything and everything-from families, seniors, weddings, and kids; to art and events.  God has blessed me with a love for photography and I love that it allows me to work and capture beautiful memories.

While you're here, you can find session information, see some of my pictures under the "gallery" tab, send me an email if you have any questions, see what I've been doing recently if you scroll down the page,  or just leave me lots of comments-which I LOVE!    :)

Whitmire Family*

IMG_3932   IMG_3957 IMG_3980  IMG_3994 IMG_4002 IMG_4006 IMG_4008 IMG_4010 IMG_4018

IMG_3952 IMG_4051IMG_3988IMG_3912 IMG_4113 IMG_4164

Until Next time!


Christmas Family Photos*

Catching up on photos and posting so here’s a throwback to Christmas :)




IMG_3398 IMG_3379 IMG_3371 IMG_3338 IMG_3289 IMG_3261 IMG_3257 IMG_3245IMG_3171 IMG_3207  IMG_3190 IMG_3181IMG_3413 IMG_3047 IMG_3168 IMG_3166IMG_3203 IMG_3125 IMG_3105 IMG_3080  IMG_3037 IMG_3029 IMG_3000 IMG_2999

Until Next time


Barr Family Photos*

IMG_2963 IMG_2948 IMG_2945 IMG_2936

IMG_2974 IMG_2932 IMG_2918 IMG_2908 IMG_2901 IMG_2879 IMG_2868 IMG_2863 IMG_2859 IMG_2845 IMG_2823 IMG_2821 IMG_2811 IMG_2808 IMG_2806 IMG_2757 IMG_2743  IMG_2698IMG_2980

Until Next Time